Monday, July 13, 2020

I played Palm Valley Golf Course

Last week I played at the Palm Valley Golf Course in Sun City Summerlin and had a great time. Other than getting stuck in a sand trap (took me 3-tries to get out) I scored pretty well for me. Remember I'm just a hacker and usually score in the low to mid 90's.

The fairways were terrific, the greens fast and a little bumpy, but the overall play was fun. I can't complain.

What I do find I object to, even though I know it's for our own good, is the social distancing. We were told on several occasions to separate ourselves at least 6-feet, both on the greens and tee boxes. Forget about the usual fist bump after a great putt. Let alone the congratulatory handshake (now elbow shake) at the 18th home finish.

Now that the weather has exceeded the 100 degree mark each day I'm not sure when I'll play again. For me, not being a very good golfer, the heat just takes away what fun I do have. I'll let you know when I play again.